Media Studies A2 Evaluation

The link below is the prezi powerpoint to my powerpoint in this my evaluation in which I address the four questions.


Double Page Article

vindicta double page spread

This is my finished double page spread article for my film ‘Vindicta’. When producing my this I tried to apply the power of three colour rule to my article the purpose of this was to produce a simplistic cool finish and not to have a complex finish, therefore I kept the colours to black and grey these colours also have a correlation to the theme and genre of my film being physiological horror and revenge. I felt using bright colours would not be appropriate to the type of film in which I have produced.

Final Draft Vindicta

Above is the final version me and my partner (Ben) have produced. After alot of hardwork editing and filming we are pleased with the outcome of our film.

The main changes to the film were the quadcopter being cropped out of the film beforehand the wings were visible when viewing and looked slightly unprofessional therefore was edited out of the frame. Also in the final scene we re-recorded this scene the reasoning behind this is the sound was slightly unclear and being the final scene would put a ‘downer’ onto the film as the final scene should be remember-able and should end the film on a high.

Movie Review

A male sixth former is getting ready in the boy’s toilets at school. Another boy being the bully deliberately knocks his books out of his hands later on show clips of more bullying with him getting pushed after being put into the bully’s car. During this scene Gerald overhears the bully (Harry) whilst he’s having conservation on the phone as he discovers where he is going later and this is the turning point for him as he plots vengeance. Who will have the final laugh?

Ben Wodecki makes a return to movie acting as he stars in the newly released ‘Vindicta’ to play to role of main character ‘Gerald Cohen’ as the bullied victim, in a thrilling physiological horror. Also starring Curtis Trudgeon as ‘Harry Smith’ as the bully, who plays a big role in the story to what happens to him as we see a change of character (Gerald) through personality and confidence. As he goes from a young confident pupil to a pupil full of anger and depressing seeking vengeance on the bully.
Some would argue this has degrees of realism relating to schools of today. For example the scene of his books being knocked out of his hand could be a classed as a typical act of bullying but on the other hand with Gerald being put into the boot of the bully’s car; some may consider this a slightly over exaggerated representation of bullying. But it allows viewers to see a different degree of bullying that possible undergoes in today’s schools. The final scene may have minimal degree of realism as the viewer we see the confrontation between the bully and the victim and we see a possible murder after a blackout the scene is pictured with blood on the floor and a knife. It remains unclear to who had the final laugh.

Rough Draft – Vindicta

Here is the rough draft for our film Vindicta, this is not the final version of the film and therefore is subject to possible changes taking place.

Steps and Progression Producing on The Film Poster

Here is the basic steps of progression during the production of the film poster. The first image is the one of using importing the image to use as the background, I also had to add effects onto the image such as darken to give more of a gloomy and mysterious feel. Also on this stage […]

Updated Film Poster

tommyrumble film poster jpeg finished updated

This is the new updated film poster. As you can see there are been few changes, firstly I have removed the ‘Ben + Tommy Productions’ watermark in the background the purpose of this was even though it prevents copyright, it was hardly noticeable against the colours. Also the text which was positioned towards the bottom half of the page has been moved up to undertake a more central position there was two reasons for this normally the film title is put in the centre of the page as it is the first thing in which a person would notice. Secondly the text covers the main prop in the image background being the knife. Relating this to Claude Levi Strauss theory the knife represent fears and scare as it can be used as a dangerous object and the blood can be represented to show pain, fear and even death. The knife and blood should have more of an influence to the reader now that it is clearly more visible.