Film Idea’s

Here are 5 possible film idea’s I have thought of to use when producing my actual film.

Idea 1:
It will start off as character one being told I’m not good enough for the school football team and from then on it shows character one preparing to get back in to the team involving the character going to the gym and practicing until I character ready enough to get back into the team and ends up getting into the team with a man of the match performance.

Idea 2:
Based in the woods and shows a murder take place, the next day the area is shut off due to police investigation but character one take things into his own hands by finding some evidence left behind and then discovering who the killer is. Character one takes the heroic role by capturing the killer (character two) and then takes him to the police station for a reward.

Idea 3:
A documentary style presented film in which it shows the life of everyday encounters of character one including his life at school with his friends and teacher of his subjects. Also including his home-life of what character one gets up two and what character one does one the weekend comes around.

Idea 4:
After character one receives a threat in school on a piece of paper found in his bag ‘you’re next’. Character one proceeds in his everyday school life being cautious and anxious. Constantly looking behind and round each corner for wait awaits him. After character one finishes his after school club he then leaves the school premises to go home but doesn’t go so smoothly when walking his is stalked and killed. His killer isn’t to be seen anywhere and is still on the run.

Idea 5:
Based in the school and character one takes up the role of being the teachers pet and the undercover snitch. One day his plan backfires on him as his notes are left behind and is soon found out. His classmates have a plan in store for him. At the end of one his lessons character one is dragged to the toilet and is given a ‘swirly’. After this dramatic experience he changes his ways and is no longer a snitch.


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