Narrative Theory Applied

Claude Levi Strauss:
His research has been adapted by media theorists to reveal underlying themes and symbolic oppositions in media texts. In our film there are different themes with the good being the studying student and the bad being the bully. Also places of setting represent different themes with the study room being a peaceful place in contrast to the bike shed which represents where the victim is going to be bullied.

Bulgarian literacy theorist suggests most narratives start with a state of equilibrium in which life is ‘normal’ and protagonists happy. This state of normality is disrupted by an outside force, which has to fight against in order to return to the state of the equilibrium. This model can be applied to my film in which the equilibrium is a normal school day for Ben who is studying, disequilibrium occurs when Ben becomes a victim of bullying when his lunch money and homework is stolen by a bully. The new equilibrium is after Ben lives his future school life every day in fear and scare due to the bullying which took place.

Vladmir Propp:
He was a Russian critic and literary theorist and he analysed over 100 Russian fairy tales in the 1920s. He explored the characters in different fairy tales and examined their roles and functions. In my film there are two main characters in contrast to Propps 7. Ben being the focused school student is the victim and there is Curtis as the school bully. Although there is not 7 types of characters in my film there are clear characters roles can be easily classified.

Was a French Semiologist. Suggested that narrative works with 5 different codes of themes represented in a narrative which can be displayed in Items. This model can be applied to our film as the main item with significance is the money when it was taken from the student to the bully. As it has high value it can represent power.


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