Trailer 2 – Rocky Balboa

The second film I have decided to analyse is a sport genre film, ‘Rocky Balboa’
Whilst introducing the studios involved with the film a voice over is displayed on top ‘It isn’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit’. This represents the tone of the film linked to boxing and resilience. Action based high tempo music is used next to help introduce two amazing boxers. Close up on one of the males face after journalists predict a Rocky Balboa victory, the purpose of this is to closely see his facial expression. The music drops in tempo but then quickly increases in tempo soon after. Later in the trailer a montage technique is used to show a short sequence of clips of the boxer training and preparing for the fight. This clip ends the viewer on suspense with the fight cutting out midway through to also help persuade the viewer to watch the film when it is fully released.


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