Brief Summary of My 5 Minute Film

I have finally decided on the plot and the genre of my 5 minute film.

It starts off with the camera on character 1 and going through he everyday life as the viewer we soon establish that the character 1 is a victim of bullying by character 2 (the bully). The first day of the week character 1 school day goes fine like a normal school routine.

But on the second day of the week character 2 (the bully) interrupts character 1 whilst he is studying and takes his homework as he has not completed it for his next lesson. Whilst character 2 is receiving the applauds for the good homework from his teacher. Character 1 is upset and receives a detention for not having anything to hand in.

On the third day things go even worse for character 1 as he goes to the toilet, character 2 follows him and holds him up to the wall demanding him for his lunch money. Character 1 has no choice but to give in and leaves the school at the end of day short of confidence. This is the point in which character 1 demands change.

On the fourth day he spends his free periods plotting out a way to get revenge on the bully and after a long time thinking on a way to plan it out, he gets the perfect idea and is soon revealed.

On the fifth day this is where the action takes place, after a long day of school character 2 (the bully) is walking back home from school, his house is approximately 30 minutes away and his journey back consists of a long stretch of a field which is secluded. Character 1 takes the opportunity up to get the bully on the field not to have words with him but to actually take his life. As he draws closer to the bully he pulls out a knife and stabs the bully several times leaving him with no chance of survival and character 1 life is restored back to normal.


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