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Plan of Scene Sketch

This is a sketch of one of the scenes that I will be filming in the next upcoming weeks. It has some of the possible angles that I will use in this scene. The main focus of scene will be aimed at and around Harry rather than Gerald.

scene sketch


Possible Actors

In this powerpoint has the names of the possible actors to play the characters in the film. It has a brief description of the person and the character in which they will be best suited to play.

Possible actors

Risk Assessment

Before producing my film there are several locations in which I plan to visit in order to record some of my scenes.  Some of them have a risks which could be harmful or dangerous to equipment or crew.

The risks are as follows:

– I am planning to record a scene in a field. Conditions could affect the safety of myself and the actors, such as rain could make sodden and muddy, and is deep in areas. Therefore if rain occurs I will be fully equipped with waterproof shoes and clothing to minimize risk.

– Also I am planning to record in the common room, at times this location is very crowded with sixth form students and therefore increases the risk of injury. Therefore when shooting this scene at the common room, I will try to do it at a quiet time possibly during after school hours to minimize the risk.

– I am also planning to record in the schools mens toilet but at this location the floor can be very slippery due to water on the floor surface. Therefore waterproof shoes shouldn’t be required but extra caution and awareness should be considered when recording at this location.

– Another location is the pathway leading up to the school site. Again weather conditions could affect the safety and increase the risk of injury during the times of snow and rain the pavement will become slippery and icy in snowy conditions therefore again extra precaution is required as well as suitable footwear and clothing.


Finished Script for Film

In this document enclosed has the script for my film. It has the settings, dialogue and the camera angles I wish to use at different stages of production and at the different scenes.



Music in our Film

Here are some of the many tracks that I may use in our film, the link is below.