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Prop Explanation of Geralds’ Props.

50 shades of grey book

all the books

another book

arsenal book


black shoes


metamorphoses book

open bible

pens in the shirt




war and peace book

In the film I wanted the mise-en-scene in the film to link together completely.

in the first scene and subtly these books will be present throughout each scene are the books Gerald carries around with him (Which are subsequently knocked out of his hands in the first scene). The inclusion of the six titles all connote something of Gerald’s Character. The first book in the pile being the Bible. The importance of the Bible in Gerald’s personality is that the Bible contains many rules and ways to live your life. It is often associated with those who stray from the straight and narrow. the idea of this then contradicts Gerald’s character due to the fact in the film he slowly breaks away from the norm and becomes insane. The colour of the Bible i have used is white. This shows the purity and the angelic look the colour white portrays showing that on top of everything Gerald seems angelic but as the pile of books deepens, as does his personality something more sinister appears. The second book is the classes – War & Peace by Tolstoy. This novel depicts about war and the thoughts and feelings associated with it. My reasoning for choosing it as it shows the internal war within Gerald’s thoughts and emotions to deviate from the norm and get revenge or a war between him and the bully, one which he loses. The Cover of the book depicts “The 1812 Retreat – The Battle of Borodino” by Vereschagin, which again highlights the internal war in the character’s mind. The third book in Gerald’s pile is by Ovid called Metamorphoses. Arguably one the greatest Latin works of all time, I chose this book as it has links throughout the film. Firstly, the title of the film “Vindicta” is the Latin word for revenge. I chose it as Latin is known as the “Dead language” due to its lack of teachings in today’s society and that it is no longer the native tongue of any current world country, which links with the fact that my film contains an important character death – that of Gerald’s bully. The main theme of the book is Chaos turning to Harmony and i chose it for Gerald to carry so that in his own opinion, the Chaos will turn to Harmony when he decides to face up to his bullies. The fourth book is the Old Curiosity shop by Charles Dickens. The shop featured in the title and in the book itself hides mystery hence curiosity, much likes Gerald’s character as the audience i want my audience to be unsure of him. The 5th book is the odd choice: 50 Shades Of Grey by E L James. The story itself is about a man with secret sexual desires. He befriends this woman but has a completely hidden side to him. By placing the near the bottom of the pile i wanted to emphasise the fact Gerald has something to hide which is something we see as the film progresses. The final book is “Arsenal – 2003-2004 – The immaculate Season.” This book links to Gerald’s bedroom later in the film as his room is entirely Arsenal everywhere being Red and White (being shown in the scene design sketches). I opted to link the idea that he is obsessed with something – in this film we can clearly see its the football club Arsenal, due to the fact that one sign of Madness is obsession, and the Madness within Gerald erupts as the film progresses.

Each individual pen in Gerald’s Left top shirt pocket has its own colour related meaning to show his emotions and psychological state in a subtle way. by grouping the four pens into two and placing them on the left and right sides of the button. The Black pen is to symbolise the hidden emotions in Gerald. it also portrays the ideas of keeping feelings bottled up inside, like Gerald’s emotions which burst into life during the film. the Red pen connotes emotions that motivate to take action, with red also being the colour of blood it has a sinister action behind it. These two pens were placed together and were placed on the left hand side of the top pocket. This is due to the fact that the left side in a historical context is associated with the Devil – all left handers are touched by the Devil, with the two colours chosen having sinister motives it made sense to place them on the left hand side due to its connotations of its own. It shows the character’s spilt personality. On the other hand however, the Blue and White pens have different meanings. They are placed on the opposite side to left- the right hand side, giving the opposite connotations of Left. The blue pen represents the colour of trust and peace which he is peacful at the start of the film as he doesn’t hit Harry back but as the film progresses these feelings leave and become hate – hence the addition of the red and black pen. The white pen represents his purity. White, as mentioned when talking about the bible at the start of the piece, gives colour connoations of angleic emotions. But as the red top of the pen is behing the white and clearly visible to the audience, it shows that there has always been that feeling of hatred in him, but it is hidden under his purity, but as my film progresses i want this hatred captured within the red pen to burst out.

Gerald’s shoes are simple black leather shoes. This gives the impression that he is different to other school pupils as stereotypical youths of his age would wear trainers or branded shoes. Gerald’s shoes are unbranded and black. The colour gives the connotations that there is something hidden and emotions are kept bottled up, as already mentioned when discussing the pens. The shoes damaged state shows something of Gerald’s own character. I wanted the shoes to represent his body, damaged from bullying and yet fully working and with something to hide (the latter being shown in the colour rather than the physical state).

The shirt we want the actor of Gerald to wear is a chequed purple and white shirt. The colour itself of purple is a colour i have not yet mentioned. It shows psychologically that it means imaginative behaviour. But its sub connotations can be about immituriy. I want both of these feelings to be expressed by the actor playing Gerald. The imaginative side in order to show that he thinks about his life and wants it to change, but the immiturity to come into his life because the decision he does make will be a stupid one that will affect him and other characters in the film. The white squares on the chequed shirt are there despite the negative feelings given off his costume, to show that deep down under all the pain and hidden emotions, he is still pure – and because the shirt covers a large amount of his body we don’t know where exactly the purity lies. The shirt is also deemed “Nerdy” by other characters but also by society in real life which is the look I was going for in this piece as Nerdy can often mean the character is an outsider – much like Gerald and this can clearly be seen in the film.

The pocket calculator in his right hand pocket shows again his nerd like behaviour as he carries on around but it also shows his lack of intelligence, with intelligance often being associated with being the class nerd. The fact he has an extremely basic pocket calculator shows despite reading large number of literay classics he cannot add up the basic of sums. But annother connotation i wanted to show from the calculator’s presence was that of the fact he is a calculating character, planning slowly his actions which leads to the eventual demise of his bully. This can show he has been thinking about his plan to teach his bully a lesson long before his father mentions to do anything.

the placement of the pens ether side of the button has already been mentioned to give off connotations of left and right sided objects having good and bad connoations. with pens that give off bad connotations (the red and black) being placed on the left side of the button in order to give the impression of devil-like qualities as the left side is associated historically with being related to the devil, with the other coloours being placed on the opposite side.

The glasses to be worn by Gerald are the colour black. as mentioned the colour black gives off the idea that secrets are kept bottled up and hidden, like Gerald’s psychotic side. The style of the glasses are popular in today’s society and modern youth sub culture fashion. I have made this choice in order to give the protagonist the slight element that he fits in but also that he tries to fit in following the styles of modern style. Glasses worn by the character also gives the idea of nerdy-ness to his attire which i wanted it to seem like he is a nerd and the glasses choice is clearly highlighted these. The temptation to add cellotape to the centre ridge in order to add to the nerd like look. The idea of glasses also give off connotations of brokeness, the eyes being damaged just like the character who wears them.

The bookmark on the bible will be placed on pslam 23:4 which features as a line later in the film. The pages of the bible used here are golden, showing the idea of wealth, but also of extravangace and difference in terms of a higher status over others – which is ironic in the sense that the character is lower in terms of social standing than everybody else.


Character Name Results

The results show the respondents choices of there favorite names from the options answered by those who conducted the Questionnaire. The following names will be used for use in the final film.

Main character – Gerald Cohen
Bully – Harry Smith
Main Character’s Father – Simon
Main Character’s Mother – Caroline
School’s Radio DJ – DJ TDog

As Mentioned some characters names have remained unchanged for effecxt as their name’s aren’t required in the script. Another Character, Matron, doesn’t need a name as she needs to be reffered to as Matron due to Personal Power of her Ocupation over a pupil like the now named Gerald.

Character Name Questionnaire

This questionnaire was given to 20 pupils to be the respondents, they were of a similar age to myself in my year group in order to find out what they want the characters to be called in our film.
In the next post I will contain our results which has various responses and feedback.
Not all of my characters are represented on this questionnaire as some are remaining unamed due to effect and is remaining the name of Matron as it obviously shows her job within the school.

Character name questionnaire

Permission Slip

When filming our some of our scenes we realised that some locations will require permission in filming their. Therefore attached is a permission slip in which we are been granted permission to film in this certain location.


Location Shots

Here are some of the locations in which me and my partner are planning to use when filming our scenes. These are only a few and the locations can still change.