Photos of Murder Scene

murder location1

murder location2

Here is the locations of the murder scene. We filmed these at Black bridge, Monkton park, Chippenham which is an old disused railway line recently transformed into a cycle path hence the new bridge. The reason why we chose this location is because of it’s secluded area of woodland. The trees and shrubbery hide a fast flowing river which when taking our shots gave off a natural flowing river sound which added to the tranquility. The area’s secluded environment allowed out story of the bully to die here whilst waiting for a drug run from a friend. The area being quiet added to the realistic effect that the character would be waiting for a drug deal here.
The area also due to the combination of natural environment of the greenery and the modernistic environment of the bridge means that we could create a scene that looks alien due to the combination of two environments that don’t normally mix which eerily makes the place have a clear disused feel.
The path used for this area has been used before meaning it gives the impression to the audience like the character or other humans have been here before.
Due to the bridge having a view point this gave us the ability to get some high angle shots, landscape and environments shots and great tracking shots.


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