Use of High Angle Shots/Vantage Points


We used the high vantage point of the bridge to get landscape shots and establishing shots for our film. This is very important for the audience to have a very detailed understanding of the environment the characters are in. By using the tripod it allowed us to steady the camera as we filmed our surroundings. It meant that by tightening the screws on the tripod we could allow the shots taken to be very slow so not to rush it and ruin the shot. When zooming we went very slowly so not to ruin any pictures.
We took 2 videos both of 40 seconds length: one of the entire area and one of the area with the character Harry Smith walking through the landscape to the murder scene.

As you can see from the pictures it was slightly wet from recent rain and puddles have formed and the river is higher than usual. When filming atop a bride we had to be careful and took extreme care when filming. We assessed before filming whether we should carry out filming today and decided in doing so as the current weather state was gloomy which may give off good depictions for a murder scene in our film. The dangers were falling into the river or falling to the ground which would result in personal injury, camera damage or if drowning – death. Thankfully our careful planning came off and we got some amazing aerial footage to use.


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