Film Pitch

Here is the Prezi we created to pitch our product to our fellow classmates and target audience. It briefly explains the ideas behind our film explaining the plot, the name choice, the genre, locations and equipment to use inthe film along with our movie tagline. I went for a simple background on the Prezi as it doesn’t allow the audience to get distracted by a flashy background. The idea of using a radar also allows the points to go round in a circle so to point out each point as it goes round. We used a simple to read font in a white background so that it doesn’t clash with the green background so it makes it easier to read and then made the titles more bold in order to make them stand out more so the audience watching knows which section we are talking about.

We also thought it nessecary to intergrate a YouTube quote into the piece in order for the audience to A) have a break of us both talking but also B) so they can get an idea of how our film idea is becoming inspired by the movie “Carrie”


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