Scene 3 – Matron’s Office Location Shots





Here are some photos of the nurse’s office at our school. We decided to use this as a location to show that Gerald got hurt from his beating up as it gives off a realistic look due to Matron’s office being a real life ward, rather that a stage or set. This saved us a lot of money in our budget of £42 as unlike Hollywood movies we did not have to construct a set or outfit as Matron herself and her office is completely kitted out in terms of props. From a wheel chair and bed to draws filled with bandages and plasters the location is perfect as it looks like a school’s nurse room.

The corridor that connects her office with the rest of the school is also being used in the film. It’s long stretches and busy people allowed it to look like a real school but also gave us the chance to have people and noise In the background without asking them to take part as an extra.

The purple chair’s used match matron’s purple uniform, which gives off the idea of Gerald’s schools colours being purple amuch like the checked shirt he always wears.

The posters on the walls displaying health centres like “the Kauri centre” which help young persons In situations that would most likely affect them gives off a believable idea that this is a school’s Matron room.


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