Using a Tripod





When creating our film we decided to use a tripod. It is important to keep the same point of rotation so to cover the entire sounding we are filming which is why we are using a tripod. It allows the camera to be steadied and therefore meaning we get shots that don’t jump up and down. Unlike a stills camera, a video camera records movement: it will be tilted (changing its up-and-down orientation) and panned (changing its left-and-right orientation) while it is shooting and it is essential that these movements be smooth and deliberate.

The use of a tripod also allows us to enhance outr creative expressions by forcing us to slow down, giving us time to think about creating a photograph and expressing our ideas, as opposed to grabbing snapshots of the staged scene. there is something to be said for taking the contemplative approach, carefully considering everything in the frame before pressing the shutter release meaning we have to think very carefully and the tripod allows us to do just that.

It meant that we could get shots down a flight of stairs whilst holding it steady so to look down and track a target going up or down them effectively due to it’s swivel head and it’s raisable and collapsible arms/legs as shown in the photos above.

The tripod does sadly mean that POV shots cannot be taken from it as the tripod has to be stationary meaning during a moving POV like a running scene or shaky cam of someone being murdered, the tripod isn’t needed for scenes like that.

The tripod we have opted to us is a “Hama” tripod which is a lightweight travel tripod which retails at £39.99 but the school has leased this piece of equipment to us to use for our student film. By being lightweight it eases burdens of carrying it to and from locations esspecially as we are travelling across town to film certain scenes. This has saved us considerable time waiting for it to delivery via online order or actually searching for the product but also it has saved us money as we don’t actually have to own the product, saving us money to spend elsewhere in the film to make it a better piece.


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