Movie Film Poster

tommyrumble film poster jpeg

This is our film poster displayed above. The name of our film is called ‘Vindicta’ the reason why this was chosen to be our film name is because it’s unique and as it’s quite broad it should make the reader want to viewing the poster want to explore further to understand the meaning of the film. It is actually a latin word which relates to the theme ‘vengeance’ this has a perfect correlation to the genre and theme of our film due to the revenge plot.

To attract to audience the name of our film is displayed in the centre of the poster with a bold font. The purpose of this is so that it’s eye-catching on a wall and will help to engage the viewer. I tried to give little away about the type of film to tease the viwer, I did this by having a background of the final scene which has a blooded knife on the floor the reason behind this choice is that it creates a sense of confusion and mystery amoungst the reader which then they gain interest. The slogan below it “Vengeance never dies.. it lies in wait” again creates a sense of confusion and mystery by revealing little.

Relating to the layout I wanted to produce my cover based with a simplistic and cool finish. By doing this I didn’t over-complicate the page with imagery and to much text on the page therefore I kept text to a minimum by only having essential details which would engage the reader. The colour scheme I used was a grey/white the reason not only to give a simple finish but it had to represent the genre of the poster, for example using bright colours would contrast in representing a physiological horror based film and would not work together. By using a grey/white colour scheme matches the genre of my film.


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