Steps and Progression Producing on The Film Poster

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Here is the basic steps of progression during the production of the film poster.

The first image is the one of using importing the image to use as the background, I also had to add effects onto the image such as darken to give more of a gloomy and mysterious feel. Also on this stage I had to size the template with the correct measurements in order to start producing the film poster.

During stage two the primary aim was to add all the text onto the poster this text included the taglines, slogan and the name of our magazine. Also on this stage I also had to position the text to what I felt was appropriate therefore by positioning the title in the centre of the page so that it will be the first thing the viewer will see.

During the last stage the main objective was to make the finishing touches by doing this I added the effects this included using Colour Overlays, Bevel & Emboss, Outer Glow, Drop Shadow. These effects has helped enhance the overall look to my film poster which therefore helped make it look more eye-catching on a shelf towards the reader.


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