Updated Film Poster

tommyrumble film poster jpeg finished updated

This is the new updated film poster. As you can see there are been few changes, firstly I have removed the ‘Ben + Tommy Productions’ watermark in the background the purpose of this was even though it prevents copyright, it was hardly noticeable against the colours. Also the text which was positioned towards the bottom half of the page has been moved up to undertake a more central position there was two reasons for this normally the film title is put in the centre of the page as it is the first thing in which a person would notice. Secondly the text covers the main prop in the image background being the knife. Relating this to Claude Levi Strauss theory the knife represent fears and scare as it can be used as a dangerous object and the blood can be represented to show pain, fear and even death. The knife and blood should have more of an influence to the reader now that it is clearly more visible.


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