Using a Quadcopter

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During one of one of the scenes in the film we used my dads ‘Quadcopter’ in order to film an arial shot reasons for this is because we wanted to make scenes of our film unique and different from the rest of the other films. The recording of these scenes took preparation in advance such as we needed a gopro camera attached to the front of the quad-copter as well as this could only record in mild weather conditions without rain and wind.

My father controlled the quadcopter whilst our actor was running down the street being recorded. Afterwards the film was uploaded and edited down to remove the takeoff and takedown of the quadcopter as they’re were not needed in our film.


Movie Film Poster

tommyrumble film poster jpeg

This is our film poster displayed above. The name of our film is called ‘Vindicta’ the reason why this was chosen to be our film name is because it’s unique and as it’s quite broad it should make the reader want to viewing the poster want to explore further to understand the meaning of the film. It is actually a latin word which relates to the theme ‘vengeance’ this has a perfect correlation to the genre and theme of our film due to the revenge plot.

To attract to audience the name of our film is displayed in the centre of the poster with a bold font. The purpose of this is so that it’s eye-catching on a wall and will help to engage the viewer. I tried to give little away about the type of film to tease the viwer, I did this by having a background of the final scene which has a blooded knife on the floor the reason behind this choice is that it creates a sense of confusion and mystery amoungst the reader which then they gain interest. The slogan below it “Vengeance never dies.. it lies in wait” again creates a sense of confusion and mystery by revealing little.

Relating to the layout I wanted to produce my cover based with a simplistic and cool finish. By doing this I didn’t over-complicate the page with imagery and to much text on the page therefore I kept text to a minimum by only having essential details which would engage the reader. The colour scheme I used was a grey/white the reason not only to give a simple finish but it had to represent the genre of the poster, for example using bright colours would contrast in representing a physiological horror based film and would not work together. By using a grey/white colour scheme matches the genre of my film.

Production Logo

This is our production logo for myself and my partner.

production logo final

I created this logo using photoshop cs6, when producing this logo I used many tools firstly I used the crop tool the purpose of using this was to resize and cut out parts of images in which I did not require. I also used the magic wand tool again when editing images, the purpose of using this tool was to remove parts of the background so that it wouldn’t clash with the rest of the logo. When producing this logo I took a simplistic approach so that it would produce a slick finish and not to over complicate it.

Using a Tripod





When creating our film we decided to use a tripod. It is important to keep the same point of rotation so to cover the entire sounding we are filming which is why we are using a tripod. It allows the camera to be steadied and therefore meaning we get shots that don’t jump up and down. Unlike a stills camera, a video camera records movement: it will be tilted (changing its up-and-down orientation) and panned (changing its left-and-right orientation) while it is shooting and it is essential that these movements be smooth and deliberate.

The use of a tripod also allows us to enhance outr creative expressions by forcing us to slow down, giving us time to think about creating a photograph and expressing our ideas, as opposed to grabbing snapshots of the staged scene. there is something to be said for taking the contemplative approach, carefully considering everything in the frame before pressing the shutter release meaning we have to think very carefully and the tripod allows us to do just that.

It meant that we could get shots down a flight of stairs whilst holding it steady so to look down and track a target going up or down them effectively due to it’s swivel head and it’s raisable and collapsible arms/legs as shown in the photos above.

The tripod does sadly mean that POV shots cannot be taken from it as the tripod has to be stationary meaning during a moving POV like a running scene or shaky cam of someone being murdered, the tripod isn’t needed for scenes like that.

The tripod we have opted to us is a “Hama” tripod which is a lightweight travel tripod which retails at £39.99 but the school has leased this piece of equipment to us to use for our student film. By being lightweight it eases burdens of carrying it to and from locations esspecially as we are travelling across town to film certain scenes. This has saved us considerable time waiting for it to delivery via online order or actually searching for the product but also it has saved us money as we don’t actually have to own the product, saving us money to spend elsewhere in the film to make it a better piece.

Using the WordPress App



I have downloaded the wordpress app to my iphone device. The purpose of doing this is so that I can post and update my blog without using a computer therefore this allows me to post wherever I am. It also shows I’m using different forms of media conventions in order to access my work.

Scene 3 – Matron’s Office Location Shots





Here are some photos of the nurse’s office at our school. We decided to use this as a location to show that Gerald got hurt from his beating up as it gives off a realistic look due to Matron’s office being a real life ward, rather that a stage or set. This saved us a lot of money in our budget of £42 as unlike Hollywood movies we did not have to construct a set or outfit as Matron herself and her office is completely kitted out in terms of props. From a wheel chair and bed to draws filled with bandages and plasters the location is perfect as it looks like a school’s nurse room.

The corridor that connects her office with the rest of the school is also being used in the film. It’s long stretches and busy people allowed it to look like a real school but also gave us the chance to have people and noise In the background without asking them to take part as an extra.

The purple chair’s used match matron’s purple uniform, which gives off the idea of Gerald’s schools colours being purple amuch like the checked shirt he always wears.

The posters on the walls displaying health centres like “the Kauri centre” which help young persons In situations that would most likely affect them gives off a believable idea that this is a school’s Matron room.

Film Pitch

Here is the Prezi we created to pitch our product to our fellow classmates and target audience. It briefly explains the ideas behind our film explaining the plot, the name choice, the genre, locations and equipment to use inthe film along with our movie tagline. I went for a simple background on the Prezi as it doesn’t allow the audience to get distracted by a flashy background. The idea of using a radar also allows the points to go round in a circle so to point out each point as it goes round. We used a simple to read font in a white background so that it doesn’t clash with the green background so it makes it easier to read and then made the titles more bold in order to make them stand out more so the audience watching knows which section we are talking about.

We also thought it nessecary to intergrate a YouTube quote into the piece in order for the audience to A) have a break of us both talking but also B) so they can get an idea of how our film idea is becoming inspired by the movie “Carrie”